Referring Clinics

At Furry Family Comfort Care we value the trust you put in our technicians and our care. We promise to collaborate with you and provide you with clear, consistent and timely information about your cases. That’s because we’re committed to working with you to ensure the best possible care for your patients.

Furry Family Comfort Care’s services are complimentary to your practice. We care about your relationship with your client and do not practice medicine. We do not have a veterinarian on staff but instead follow your lead to form an extension of care to make your clients lives easier and aid in compliance with your prescribed care. Our veterinary technicians collectively have over 100 years of experience working in:

  • Emergency medicine
  • Critical care
  • Specialty practices 
  • Rehabilitation
  • I-131 Radiation Treatment
  • Multiple other areas of focus

How can we benefit your clients? 

  • Administering medications and fluids that you have prescribed
  • Postoperative care​
  • Therapeutic dog walking
  • Therapeutic cat handling
  • Wound care​​​
  • Cold laser therapy
  • Enrichment
  • Potty breaks
  • Sitting for dogs/cats unable to board
  • Transportation to appointments 
  • Much, much more!

How can we benefit your practice? 

  • Deepen client relationships with a mobile nursing extension
  • Ability to provide unique mobile solution and care not available at most clinics
  • Furry Family Comfort Care becomes part of the care team for your patients 
  • Your clients and patients will love personalized care from their very own concierge veterinary technician 

How we work with referring veterinarians:

Feel free to contact us via phone, email or through our website about your client that needs our services and we can contact them. Another option is sharing our contact information with your client and they can contact us. 

We see ourselves as your partner in the care of our shared patient. We are happy to communicate with you, regarding their progress, as intensively as you wish. Trusting us with you patients will lead to their improved quality of life as well as appreciation by their owners.

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We at Furry Family Comfort Care would love to hear from you! We are here to answer your questions about new patients, existing patients, or any question in general. 

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